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Dark Space - Lisa Henry
Fuck the universe.
Fuck eternity and creation and a million colors boiling together in the black. What the hell use was that to me?
My heart broke either way.


The Writing:
I thought the writing in this book was absolutely gorgeous and it painted the most vivid picture in my mind, that I literally felt like I dropped some acid and started reading. If I was even half as beautiful looking as Lisa Henry's writing, I'd be a supermodel, it's that good. When something creepy or scary is happening in the book *a lot*, I'm genuinely weirded out or spooked.

The Characters:
Brady Garrett, what a character. He's so human and so strong, and you can physically feel his pain and sorrow throughout the book. I kept forgetting he was only 19 years old. He's thrown into unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations and struggles with his own self-worth and sexuality.
Doc was an awesome character. You need characters like him in the story who care about the MC without always having to be the annoying friend. Doc was the best. He seemed so understanding and so human.
Cameron Rushton. Wow. One of the first things that left a huge impression on me was his raw sexuality. He was never apologetic about it and never uncomfortable. He asked for the things he wanted in a way that made him wreak of sex. He'd ask Brady if he could just be with him when Brady was getting off, just because he wanted to. He dreamed of sucking dick and those dreams transferred to Brady, almost unapologetically.

But suddenly I was dreaming of cock.
Fisting it, sucking it, riding it, in glorious fucking Technicolor.

The Story:
I love sci-fi. I love it more than fantasy and paranormal (which I also enjoy) so I thought this book would be right up my alley. The world Lisa Henry created was unique. It felt so bleak and pointless and utterly and completely horrifying. And it was. To most of the characters and mankind in general. I like that the story circled around the concept of our existence basically meaning less than nothing. It was refreshing.
Some of the things that happened in this story were heartbreaking, disturbing, and terrifying. Upon Brady learning what happened in the years that Cameron was gone, Brady (and myself) became even more uncontrollably horrified by the Faceless.
The sex in this book was hot. Really hot. Unconventional in some ways, but very steamy nonetheless.
I felt like the romance progressed perfectly, and at a perfect pace. I'm not saying that it happened slowly, but it did. The sexual contact and craving for human contact forced these two men together which created huge, blinding sparks of lust, but the love grew more slowly, like a burning, and it was brilliant because I fell right there with them.

The Faceless:
They pretty much scared the piss out of me. That's all I can say about them. I'd be right there with Brady, accepting that they'd probably kill everyone and everything. I feel like the amazing writing created such a huge fear of the unknown, adding to the horror that was the Faceless.

Final Thoughts:
Well, I cried at the ending, as well as a few other times throughout the book. I felt like Cameron's relationship with Kai-Ren was fucking weird, especially after you see the interaction between the two. The whole 'master' thing made me think the exact same thing Brady did, that it was wrong and weird that a strong man like Cameron would become like a household pet, but I completely understood the situation.
I don't want to say this next part. I'm dreading it but I feel like I have to. Some parts of this book, especially the interaction between the Faceless and Cameron.. reminded me of another book. A book that was *cough* light years and light years away from this book, but if you've read both, you'll know what I'm talking about. This book is called [b:Acquainted with the Night|8986467|Acquainted with the Night|Tymber Dalton|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1282432476s/8986467.jpg|13863634] and if you're curious, go read my review to see what I'm talking about. *cough*

Overall this book was beautiful and interesting and fun and disturbing and I loved every second of it. Every single second. It's one of those books that I feel lucky to have read.

He would chase starlight until he caught it.
Until it caught him.
When All the World Sleeps - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock This book sounds right up my alley. Do want.
Seven Days: Monday → Thursday / セブンデイズ - Rihito Takarai, Venio Tachibana I can't help it. I'm a complete and total sucker for these types of manga (yaoi!) and when you mix in the poor English translations? Love. Instant love. It's so silly and so juvenile and seems even worse when the translations are a little off and I absolutely love it.
The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek - Piper Vaughn, Xara X. Xanakas Wasn't connecting to the story and it seemed very superficial. Ash's initial obsession (yes, obsession) with Fee seemed shallow and based around the idea that Ash wanted Fee because Fee kept rejecting Ash.
I won't give any stars to this book because I DNF'd around 40%. I'll consider coming back and finishing this book at a later date.
Aftermath - Cara Dee There are not enough crying gifs on the internet to express my feelings about this book.

God damn. I cried reading this a lot. This book was special. Very special. I found the story to be unique and extremely compelling.
Sometimes with books that involve a lot of trauma I find them to be a bit overly dramatic and I find myself sad/crying for silly reasons... this book had none of those silly reasons. I honest to god cried like 5 times while reading this book.

I laughed a lot as well. And damn, were the sex scenes hot or what. Seriously, this book has everything in it I love. Unique story, interesting characters, daring plot, NO melodrama, and heartbreaking moments. This book was also GFY (gay for you) which normally I'm fine with, but in this case it was perfect and actually made sense. It wasn't like one day some dude notices his bro-friend is hot and wants to gobble his junk. The love interest and attraction and the GFY situation made complete and total sense.

If you're going to spend money on something this month year, it should probably be this book. I'd pay 3x what I did to read this book, it was that good for me. Seriously I think this book is like $5. For $5 you can't buy something this good.

I just finished the epilogue and I cried pretty grossly at this part: When Riley said dads and Cam told Austin they should get married, in the most unromantic way and Austin told him to reach into his back pocket and there were already rings.

Totally worth it though. Totally worth it. I actually feel a responsibility to say thank you for this. It's one of the most enjoyable reads I've had this year and I don't think I'll be forgetting this book anytime soon.
You and a Billion Blue Tiles - Missy Welsh Sweet, fun, very sexy and a fast read!
Totally awesome. Loved it.
ePistols at Dawn - Z.A. Maxfield If you like a lot of melodrama, cheesy one-liners, eye-rolling moments, stupid character decisions, characters acting like children, and just an overall dull story, this book might be for you!

There were a few exciting moments, but in general I couldn't care less about any of the characters. It's kind of disappointing for me since I recall reading another of Maxfield's books that really struck some cords with me and I adore that book, but that book is definitely miles away from this book for me. I did have moments of enjoyments when the characters would perpetually fuck up and I'd see it coming from miles away. It's not like watching a car crash.. it's like watching a child eat tons and tons of candy and knowing they'll be sick later, but still watching them do it... and then when they're sick you're like "Ha. Knew it."

The characters are all dumb. All of them. And I can't connect with any of them or the situations or anything. They all annoy me. I hate Will in general, and I hate his relationship with Kelly. Their LOVE was mentioned I swear to god... at least four hundred times in this book. And after only one year of living together. Also Kelly had no idea how old Will even was. Ahhh, true love. I don't like Kelly, he's weird and apparently had a lot of disorders that aren't really too thoroughly explained. They aren't cute or endearing to me.. they're just annoying. I don't care about Shannon.

God, the sex scenes? They're like.. so awkward and awful and just...
Oh Jae, oh baby, Oh more, Oh deep, oh so good, oh so tight, oh so hot. But now imagine Jae's name ALWAYS in italics for some reason.

I don't want to talk about this book anymore.
The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles What a swell book.
Seriously, so cool. Unique, awesome characters, fun plot, honestly sometimes kind of creepy book, and so much excitement.
I loved this book and I have nothing of value to add to this review since other people have written better reviews.

But yeah, one of my favorites of the year for sure. Fantastic.
The Ghost on My Couch - L.A. Gilbert This book was cute. I liked it.

It was alright. I know it wasn't supposed to be a big surprise or whatever, but I already figured out the whole "omg ghost" thing from like 5% in and then the clues throughout the book.
I thought Andy was quite funny though. Very cute. But yes... I have no idea what else to say about this book.
It was cute and neato.
BTW I Love You - Nico Jaye image

Totally sweet read. I feel like I just ate a bucket of sugar and I love it. Ever need a break from all the angsty books out there? Here's your break. Its a quick FREE read that will satisfy your need for something sweet and loving.
Also it's about the start of an online romance, and god knows I'm an automatic sucker for online romances.

Great job Nico, just what the doctor ordered. I feel warm and happy on the inside now.
Cold - Brandon Shire There better be a book #2 currently in the works (involving the same characters) or I'm gonna beat someone's ASS!

Have you ever wanted to cry for all of eternity? I have. It began moments ago when I finished this book and now I'm sad that Anderson and Lem aren't together and have so much unresolved business. I need more. It's not even an option. I'm so sad.

WARNING: This is not what I'd call a HEA. It's a GREAT ending, but not your typical HEA... I want to cry. In the rain.


Awesome book, awesome characters, and I was totally engaged the entire time. Love it.
Servants of the Crossed Arrows (The Rifter) - Ginn Hale What the fucking is happpppeeennnniiinnngggggg?
This might as well be written in french for the amount I'm following it.

Strength of the Wolf (The Tameness of the Wolf, #2) - Kendall McKenna I don't know.. maybe 3.75? Maybe 4? It was good, don't get me wrong... I just wasn't as interested in this book as I was the first in the series. It seemed a lot of the same... and just kinda predictable. Also there was a LOT of sex and normally that doesn't bug me, but it actually got old.
Good read still.

Edit: ALSO I really love Tim. He is super-duper awesome and authoritative and that's totally hot.
The Shattered Gates - Ginn Hale Great! Next!