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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater Wow, OK.
I honestly was originally expecting this book to be one of those books where silly loner girl meets perfect amazing boy who just so "happens" to be her soul mate and she completely forgets other people exist and falls for him immediately. This concept in YA books always drives me batty! Rest assured, this book is not like that. REFRESHINGLY not like that.


The Story:
The concept and idea of the story was amazing, and even if you disagree, if you read a lot of YA or paranormal books you have to acknowledge that this is at least a very unique concept.
Blue is a bit of a lone who spends a lot of time at home with her family. This book doesn't revolve around school of anything like that. Blue meets these Raven boys after their first appearance at a Diner she works at. Afterwards they soon become friends all in search of the ley lines. I love how the story progresses naturally and Blue and the boys gradually intertwine into each others lives. There were many twists in the plot that I LOVED and didn't see coming, which is fairly uncommon. I didn't see the Noah twist coming at all and I thought it was great! The "magic" aspects of the story are also unique and I don't feel like it's forced. I felt like it was realistic and believable.
I can't wait for the next book in the series. I felt like this book left me feeling like there was a huge cliff hanger.. I need to know if Blue will fall for Gansey, because she really seems to like Adam who I also adore! Will she kill Gansey like in her vision? What's with Ravens coming out of dreams now?! What?! I need to know!

The Characters:
The amount of story that revolves around creating these unique characters really shows how good this novel is.
I loved Blue. She was story, refreshingly fun, caring, and feminine while still being a story character. She seemed very realistic in the way someone in her situation and at her age would act. Gansey might have been my favorite character. He's charming, eclectic, reasonable, unreasonable, driven, and mature while seeming so boyish. He reminds me of a mad scientist or an explorer. I love the looks he gives people and his composure while not relieving too much of himself. He's a great friend, and he's the glue that holds everyone together. I feel like his relationship with Adam is brotherly and kind. Adam. I loved Adam. In fact, I think I loved everyone in this story. Adam was reserved, scholarly, smart, and very insecure. The story behind the way Adam acts is amazing and helps in his character development. His home life with his father had my heart breaking for Adam this entire book, especially when it was expressed how he felt jealous of Gansey. I love his relationship with Blue; it's adorable and feels natural. Ronan was a messed up, powerhouse, brute, and I completely loved him. His constant drama kept me on my toes, always wondering what shitty thing he would get up to next. The scene where he drops off Adam at his house and witnesses his father beating him and gets out to defend Adam really was touching. It showed how his hard exterior was soft and mushy on the inside in caring for his friends. I don't remember knowing a lot about Noah.. he was quiet and reserved (for good reason) and when I found out the twist about him and that he was dead, I was surprised, although it did let a few puzzle pieces fall into place. I like his friendship with Blue, and how she acts very protective of him.