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Cinder - Marissa Meyer To summarize how I felt about the book:

I didn't get all the way through this book.. maybe a little over 1/3.

There's a lot the lead me to stop reading this book and it all came down to mainly, I don't care what happens. I thought the idea of the book was very interesting, so was the setting, and the idea of cyborgs! I thought it may be true love, but alas, it wasn't.

I didn't like Cinder. I thought her character was silly. The IMPRESSION that I got was she was a tough, strong character female that was a "mechanic" of sorts, who could emotionally deal with her freeloader family and evil step mom. She's supposed to be tough, and independent, right? Somehow at the sight of the prince who is apparently "hottie extreme-o" she turns into a stuttering, sniffling little girl. OK I get it. She is young and it's for a young audience. I just don't understand how the author wanted Cinder to be two complete polar opposite personality types. She flipped from one personality type to another in a minute.

Also prince Kai was a lameo character. Woweee he's super hot and a prince and maybe seems nice? I think? That's about all I got on his very deep character.


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