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Johnny Be Good - Paige Toon WHAT THE FUCK, MEG?
- A review by Natasha

Paige Toon is a great author. I've read her other books and absolutely fell in love with the characters and the scenarios. This was NOT the case, however, for Johnny Be Good. Spoilers below!!

Meg. What a weak, stupid, stupid, cruel, stupid, jerk of a character you are! Don't people ever learn? She actually allowed herself to be completely used by Johnny, on multiple occasions, and had a hard time stopping her obsession with him. I think it was supposed to imply she LOOOVVEEESSS him just SOOOO much that she can't stay away, but it's 100% star-lust, and it has nothing to do with the actual person he is... who is an asshole by the way. There's next to no character development for Meg, IMO (Sorry Toon!) Like, what's she supposed to be? Okay.. she likes... old, crappy, pop music and.... chipmunks. Huh. That's all I retained about her. What a stupid, jerk. Also, how could she cheat on Christian? I don't care if you're madly, insanely, obsessively in love with someone else (which she is.. obsessed that is) but you don't cheat! Cheating is an "auto-hate" for me. You suck, Meg. You suck.

And Johnny.. the rockstar of all rockstars. You, also, are an asshole. You are a lame, grumpy, prima donna of a character and I hated you from the very beginning. I don't care about your stupid six-pack or your uber DREAMY eyes.. you're a womanizing, childish jerk, and you are definitely a love interest I could've lived without. Thanks for nothing.

Christian was a shitty love interest too. He never made his move and he was also a complete doormat to Johnny. Why? WHO FUCKING KNOWS! Whatever.

All in all, I want to give this book a 2.5 because the writing is still good and the story still kept me generally interested.. even though I hated all the characters. Will not continue to read the series.