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St. Nacho's - Z.A. Maxfield This book was a buddy read I did with Sandra, and we loved it! This review will be pretty spoiler-free.

This book was so awesome, and I'd like to say I'm rating it 4.5/5.. and the only reason it's not a 5 is being I'm a huge perv and wanted maybe another explicit sex scene or two.

I think this was one of those story's that really pulled at my heart strings, which made it hard for me to put the book down. It was a beautiful story about Cooper, an emotionally distraught drifter finding his place in the world and finding someone worth being with. Shawn is an angel-faced "nasty boy" who steals Shawn's heart from the beginning. Their affection for each other is put through trials and tests that will probably break your heart a little bit. Cooper is a talented violin player, and Shawn is a younger deaf boy, seeming with the wisdom and patience of someone three times his age. Together, they form a beautiful bond and a different kind of language that works just for them.