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Don't... - Jack L. Pyke Edit: Full Review!

I needed the weekend to think this one over. I knew it was amazing but I had to give myself some time to process. The main plot of this book, IMO, was so thick and so different from anything I've ever read, I felt I should give it more attention.

For once, I'll make this review SPOILER FREE just because I'm recommending it to a lot of people and don't want to ruin it...


First off, this book is bat-shit crazy. Like I have no idea how Pyke thought up this scenario.. but seriously, bravo. I start reading this book and think "Wow okay this is whatever" then the weird shit starts happening and then Jack (MC not author) complies! Because he too, may just be bat-shit crazy. If you start reading this book and thinking it's something ordinary, it's not. Half way through the read I literally lost my mind. I swear. It ran off last week at some point after it blew up a little, because I did NOT see that kind of twist in the plot coming. At all. This book made ME a little bit nutso in the process (in the best way possible, obviously).


If you read my updates as I was reading this book (don't if you haven't read the book.. spoilers and such..), then you know some parts made me so utterly pissed. Pissed at characters for doing dumb things to hurt my perfect angel Jack, who I love and adore and would keep forever. Some characters I started off hating, then ended up liking, and vice versa.

Jack deserves his own shout-out because I think he's a fan-fucking-tanstic main character. I think he's one of my fav MC's from a MM book in a while. He's strong, quirky, unique, a little (maybe a lot?) fucked up, has interesting fetishes, and is extremely loyal. I wanted the whole world for him this entire book.

I kind of wish the ending turned out differently in this book, but I completely understand why it ended the way it did. I wanted someone to have to make a grand sacrifice in the end (someone- anyone!), but I know that's probably not what most readers wanted. Regardless, this entire fucked-up scenario still earned 5 big, shiny starts.

Friends- go read this book. Now. I mean it. Now. So we can chat about it.