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When You Were Pixels (Syntax #0.1) - Julio-Alexi Genao Within about thirty minutes, I was sucked into another world.

Let's start by saying I'm a judgmental jerk with a short attention span who loses interest fairly easily. If anything I'm reading doesn't hold my attention within the first 20%, I'll stop reading it.
I was instantly sucked into the Syntax universe and lived in it for about thirty wonderful minutes. It's hard to build an entirely different world within that amount of time, but it was accomplished beautifully. I never once quirked an eyebrow while reading this (an achievement for me) and never felt confused by the workings of Tower Oh-Seven-Two. Everything that was in this short story was supposed to be there to help the reader understand the characters and their surroundings.
It's very fun and interesting to read a story that's written like a letter to someone else. It really helped me see things through Antho's eyes and threw me right into his head.

This story has everything in it I liked. Mystery, a bleeding heart (maybe two?), a kick-ass assassin who totally kills people, some steamy bits, and a sweet romance.
Who doesn't like assassins? Trick question. Everyone likes assassins.

I must mention this. I feel like I must. I'm a sucker for open endings or small glimpses. Things that will leave me wondering. I like to appreciate things for what they are, and for me, this is a short story and I love the fact that it's just that.
Hell-fucking-yeah I'll read more of this series and likely love every last bit, but I just want to say that if this was just a short story and there was nothing else added to the series, I'd still adore it as a stand-alone and feel lucky to have had a small glimpse at the story of Antho and the broken assassin he fell in love with.