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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini So I just finished reading Dreamless and one of the most annoying things about this book (IMO), were Jason and Claire. Don't get me wrong friends, I really really enjoyed Starcrossed and Dreamless! Dreamless even more!


This whole review is just based on Jason and Claire's relationship.

There are other aspects to the book I loved and disliked, but for some compelling reason I feel the need to discuss this relationship first and foremost.
I want to warn you guys that this is a bit of a rant (OK Actually a lot of a rant :) ) If you don't see things this way, that's totally fine and I'm probably just off my rocker, but it really made me mad, for some reason or another.

Back on topic.
I think their relationship is EXTREMELY unhealthy, annoying, and overall maddening.

First off, they fight constantly, break up constantly, yell and demand things of each other constantly, and keep things from each other constantly. Maybe it's because neither of them knew if they were technically dating, which again in itself was annoying. BEYOND EVEN THAT, when Helen was in OBVIOUS need of her best friend, Claire was too eager to ditch her to hang out with her MAYBE boyfriend.

Jason seemed to show little to no respect for Claire, even though he seen her as this strong, cute little fragile flower, he kept things from her. She showed she was smart and determined (sometimes) to help her friend, but Jason treats her like a CHILD. I get it. She's mortal, he isn't. It's supposed to show some sort of forbidden, delicate, cherished, love, where he realizes her life is precious and wants to take care of her. But this wasn't it! It was possessive and neurotic.

The worst part I can remember this relationship making me PO'd was after Helen took Claire on a little floaty flying trip to show her BEST FRIEND SINCE LIFE, a little bit of Helen's abilities to share what she's going through, and Jason freaked the shit out and eventually Claire told Helen that Jason FORBADE Claire to go flying with Helen again, and Helen apologized and said that SHE'D talk to Jason! He's your (maybe) BOYFRIEND, not your dad! Your MBF can't demand you not do what you want with your best friend. And your best friend shouldn't be an enabler taking blame for trying to include you in her world. She's always careful with Claire and super thoughtful of her. C'mon. It's not like Helen and Lucas were trying to play pass with Claire's body up in the clouds, or seeing how many volts Claire's body can take before her hair streaks like Rogue from X-Men.

Then, being the crazed, protective MBF he is, starts to hate on Helen because Helen''s... dangerous? Really? He should have a little respect for the girl he love's friend. And Claire doesn't say anything about Jason acting like a jerk to Helen. Just ignores it. And Helen lets it slide, too. They ALLOW him to act like a total overbearing, disrespectful jerk for no reason! He should respect Claire no matter which decisions she makes, but be there to support her the whole way through, even if he doesn't agree with her. He's driving a wedge between two best friends! YOKO!

Sorry about that... had to get it off my chest.
Anyone else feel this way about their "relationship"? It could just be me. :)
Thanks for reading and sorry about the misplaced anger.. haha.