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After the Night - Linda Howard I couldn't read this anymore.
This is me right now:

First, this perv at 24 is checking out a 14 year old in her nightie.. What a fucking perv! "Oh wahhhh my rich daddie left with his mistress and now my family is probably only half as rich and I have lots of paperwork.. waaaahhh". I get it. He's pissed and it's a shitty situation.
He KNOWS that this family of "trash" has a down syndrome 6 year old boy and he'll just judge everyone because he has some serious daddy issues, and throw them out of their house?! I get it. His family pays for their house. Look at the kid with down syndrome. Look at the young 14 year old girl. Have you NO COMPASSION, GRAYSON? The author created a main lead character that I HATE. HATE HATE HATE.
I honestly can't get over the fact that he'd label the whole family trash and throw out young kids and a child that obviously has a metal disability. It's sickening and no amount of redemption (that probably happened later in the book) will make me forget that.
THEN, after Faith moves back to Prescott, he's an adult who STILL is completely prejudice against her because of her mothers mistakes. IS THERE NO IRONY IN THIS? Maybe he should be judged because his father was also a married, cheating, jerk who "ran off" or whatever.
Grayson is a perverted, stupid, man-handling, probably emotionally and physically abusive, brat.
This book in general: no.