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Fissure (The Patrick Chronicles, #1) - Nicole  Williams Here's Patrick and Emma's first meeting in a nutshell:

Emma: "Hey don't be so silly, ok! You big sillyhead full of silly!"
Patrick: "Shit yo legs are nice. You gots a boyfriend? WHATEVA. Doesn't stop me, because I got money that I roll around in every night, laughing hysterically!"
Emma: "Wow okay sorry I was so incredibly mean and rude the first time. It's just that my boyfriend likes to beat the living tar outta me but I shouldn't have called you a sillyhead."
Patrick: "WHATEVA. Wanna go for a ride in my really sweet car?"
Emma: "Well okay, but only if you promise to be nice to my abusive boyfriend, who somehow my protective family of older brothers really like."

Full Review Here:

Alrighty. So at least reading what this book was about, I was really excited for it. I, however, have not read the Eden series, or even heard about it.. so I guess I'm missing a step along the way and maybe that's why I couldn't fully get into this book. I made it to chapter 9 and had to stop. Maybe the book gets way better? I have no idea. I don't really care to find out.

I thought Patrick was charming, but kind of a brat. I agree with a lot of other reviewers saying it's strange how he's so depressed about losing Bryn to his brother, sees some nice legs and falls in love with them instantly. It's not the kind of romance that I can believe. I wanted him to be a bit more tortured over it, like the beginning of the book implied.

I could probably overlook all of these things had it not been for Emma. I've heard the story a million times before.. poor tortured wall flower that's mistreated by her big, mean boyfriend with daddy issues. I see the abuse. You want me to believe in a strong female character that's smart enough and strong enough emotionally to "protect" herself from someone like Patrick but is a human punching bag for her DB boyfriend? Nope. Unrealistic. Also I just hate weak lead females. I find it uninspired and this story got very predictable very fast.

Also, what's the deal with Ty? He's portrayed as a giant, dumb oaf. A giant dumb oaf that somehow gets into Standford? Oooookkkk.
Overall, boring plot and lame characters.