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Blood Red Road - Moira Young 4.5 stars!

What a great book! A friend here on GR recommended it to me and I couldn't be more happy. This book reminded me of Graceling in a lot of ways, but definitely still different in some.

Saba is awesome. She's a strong, tough, almost alpha male type of character. She definitely had her flaws though.
I absolutely adored her relationship with her twin brother. I thought it was unique and very interesting.
One of my favorite things about Saba is that she understands when something terrible has to be done.. ie the Cage fighting. It's like she regretted the killing she had to do, but owned up to it and faced that it had become her reality and it was kill or be killed.

Emmi bothered me.. and I know, she's 9 and a kid and what would the book be without the annoying, always troublesome sweetheart? I know it wouldn't be the same, but the way she didn't listen to anything and rarely proved useful was annoying. Overall, I didn't like Emmi. I didn't find her endearing at all.

Jack didn't come into the story until perhaps half way through? I quite enjoyed Saba and Jacks relationship. He's a feisty, kind of sassy character that isn't TOO alpha male but is playful and keeps the mood light sometimes. I enjoyed him- I really did.

DeMalo... what's the deal with him?! I hope he'll be in the second book (which I'm about to read) because I was completely memorized by him. He's mysterious, beautiful, tough, merciful/merciless? Must know more!! Must!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am very happy to have read it. If you like strong female leads, lots of action and annoyance, and slow blooming romances, this is a great read for you!