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The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken This book was fantastic! A new favorite YA for sure. The ending kind of reminded me of the most recent addition to the Lux series (Book 3).

Full Review here:

Ruby was a lovable character for sure. From the time she was 10, she was shy and smart, but definitely had just the right amount of weaknesses. I was sad about her friendship with Sam ending the way it did. It's nice sometimes when not everything ends in baskets of roses and smiles. She was a smart character and I liked how she was strong and 90% of the time not stupid.

Liam. What a great boy. He was cute, adoring, and smart. The inner girl in me might have wanted him to have a little bit more brooding jealousy, but I suppose that's predictable, isn't it?

Chubs was the best character. Is the best character. Whatever. He was so snarky and rude sometimes, but I really like him. He was strong and smart when they needed him to be, and made some of the harder decisions that no one else did.

Clancy Gray. Cannot help. I loved him. I wish they didn't turn him so evil, like the Governor from The Walking Dead. He didn't NEED to be that evil for the story to progress. Maybe they could've made him diluted and sinister? I think I understand why they did it now- he's really a evil master mind. But I can't help the fact that I was book swooning over him for a while there.

The story was fast paced and exciting. From the beginning and I found myself constantly drawn in and never really bored with the story line. Basically, everyone is a bad guy. Pretty much.

Overall, read this book immediately.