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Bareback - Chris Owen SPOILERS
I didn't finish this book because I'm dumb and got about 1/3 through, and had to stop because I read on GR that there's cheating involved, and I cannot... CANNOT tolerate cheating. Especially on Jake, who was a sexy, loveable, awesome character. Cheating ruins books for me, unless they split up and the cheater dies in a fire, or the characters separate.
So I did this to save myself to torment, really, of getting pissed at this in the future.
Also there was a lot of sex. Like.. a lot. I actually skipped maybe half of it. ALSO.. how do these men have these magical dicks that can go through like 12 rounds of sex a day? I'm sorry, but I just don't think that's physically possible.
So yeah, I don't believe in magical penises, sorry.