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Second Chances - T.A. Webb So this book was so close to making it to a 5 star.. but...
In the end, I just couldn't. First off, amazing writing. I loved the relationship between Mark and Antonio right from the beginning. And until almost the end. But Antonio leaving for 18 months and then Mark just instantly accepting him back? And magically everyone in this book turned out to be gay? Like, that's all fine and dandy but a little unbelievable, you know? So yeah.. I didn't like the ending.. at all, which kind of tainted an amazing book for me. I think it left me just mad at Mark on a personal level, which was my problem.

Also, this book made me cry at work.. twice. So, uh, NSFW? I had to shut my office door and make excuses about my contact lenses. *cough*...