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Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane Review of Truth in the Dark
A modern twist on Eros and Psyche, or Beauty and the Beast


What an incredibly interesting book. Now, I'll admit, until I read this book I've never heard about or read the story of Eros and Psyche, but this book at least caused me to look it up. This is a beautiful tale of an nontraditional love between two tormented characters. These characters are mostly tormented by themselves and their inner battle of hating themselves because they are each, in their own way, deformed.

The book started a little off for me, having not really read anything like it, but I read a few non-spoiler reviews and decided to keep reading. I think the great twist you discover in the story is kind of obvious, but that in itself is a traditionally heartwarming feature. I'd recommend this book to those of you looking for a very beautiful love story with a lot of oddities surrounding it. I feel like I came away from this book with my heart a little lighter and a lesson learned, and that in itself makes the book worth reading.