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Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer I'd like to give this one a 3.5.. which is slightly disappointing because the other books in the series I've read are all 5's.


I was annoyed at Hunter through most of this book. He was such a cool character in the other two books, but in this book he was annoying. He kept making stupid decisions and feeling bad for myself and not defending himself when he should. Like with his grandpa. What the fuck was that situation? What kind of awful adults are in these books? Seriously, Hunter got punched by his grandfather AND Becca's dad? Do none of the adults in these books have any morals against hitting kids? SERIOUSLY!?

Annndddd worst mom of the year award goes to....
What? A tie?! Between Hunter's mom that watches her dad abuse her son, and let's her child grow up thinking his dad isn't proud of him.... and Kate's mom who tried to shoot up her daughter.

Also, Kate was my least favorite of the leading ladies thus far in the Elemental series. She was trampy and annoying and self righteous.
BUT HOLY SHIT AM I SURPRISED THAT SHE DIED! Like, I'm not too upset about it, but man, it definitely 100% surprised me, which is awesome.

Calla is a shitty villain. Why couldn't they find her or kill her? How annoying. She wasn't even there for most of the book, and they really should just kill her. They've had so many opportunities. Especially you, HUNTER! Silver is a badass villain and I hope he'll continue to be a problem for the Merrick boys in the future.