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First off, the cover doesn't do this book justice. Second off, this book is so great it almost blew up my mind. So great. I laughed, mostly cried, felt bad, felt pissed, felt horribly wronged, wanted to hug everyone, wanted to smack everyone, and had my heart strings pulled.

This is a love story between two (maybe 3) characters who are so beautiful together, but in the most messed up ways. They both have their inner demons, but they're both so lovable. The BEST part of the main characters in this book? They aren't perfect. God, are they ever imperfect, which adds to how awesome this book is. I wanted to smack Chase, shake some sense into Tommy, and hug Mercy, but all with loooveee! So much love!
This book can be pretty dark at times.. not explicit, but it dives deep into some pretty serious issues. Let me tell you, don't expect this book to be all rainbows and butterflies and perfect, huge, beefy men falling in love and riding off into the sunset. Oh noooo. This one will tear you apart, piece by piece. Amazing. So amazing.

Here's some things I liked about the book and maybe one of two I could've lived without:

- How this book was about the porn industry
- You dont really know why Chase is SO self-destructive until later in the story
- Imperfect looking characters. ie. Chase had "baby fat" at first
- The physical problems the main characters that they were so opposite of their beautiful exteriors (Chase's cutting and Tommy's eating disorder)
- Mercy seemed like a sweetheart AND once she found out about Chase and Tommy, she didn't do the typical thing that happens in these stories where the girl instantly forgives and forgets
- Chase didn't reconcile with his dad. I don't think he was a good person and was toxic to the situation and I'm glad that he stayed out of Chase's life
- Tommy (in general)
- Donnie
- Nothing was black and white. ie. Chase's love for Mercy and how sometimes he liked kissing her and the feeling of her skin. Sometimes emotions and physical responses aren't just black and white
- Obviously the writing. C'mon.

- Uh, baby?
- Baby
- Why was there a baby?
- I felt the baby at the end of the story didn't add anything.. I felt like maybe it was thrown in there just for another mini-shock or something. I dunno. Just didn't get it!

Overall, read this story. It's beautiful. Absolutely, heart-breakingly beautiful.