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Altered - Jennifer Rush This book is probably 2.5 IMO, but that's not a GR option so.... 2 it is.

I don't know. It was alright.

It started pretty cool for a YA novel. This young girl has a lab in her basement, with 4 guys in containment rooms, basically. It's a pretty cool concept for a YA novel, and I was instantly interested in her relationship with the 4 young men, one of which she was afraid, the other she was in love with, and one was her best friend.

That's when it gets boring.

Like, it wasn't a bad book, I don't have a lot to say about the book really. The main character... Anna I suppose. Let's try to describe her as a character:
- she... is... blond.. I think
- she loves Sam a lot, a lot, a lot
- she.... knows martial arts... of some sort....
- she draws and cooks....

Yeah, that's about all of it. I have no idea what to say about her. At all. She sucked as a character. At least the boys were more definitive. Kind of.

They went on some silly little adventure with lots of guns and stuff... and then maybe Anna's mom was alive.. maybe not.. and when Sam is mean to Anna, she shrugs it off like it's nothing. Lame. I'd be peeved.

I feel like a lot happens in this story.. yet nothing really happens. Some kids shoot some dudes who are chasing them... some of it's kind of fun... some of it's kind of obvious...

I don't know. I feel stupid for even writing a review on this book. It's not very exciting and I have nothing really to say about the book...

So, yeah. I don't know why I even wrote this. Maybe to say.. I've read way better and way worse YA novels.. this one's okay. If you pick it up, you'll probably be neither super happy or super sad you read it.