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Unsticky - Sarra Manning This book is about a romance between two fucked up people, who are fucked up in just the right ways to be together.

I want to clarify that this book is not at ALL like fifty shades of grey.

WOW. I didn't expect to love this book this much, but I did. From the very beginning I knew this book had something special to it. I was instantly drawn into the characters, which I often have a hard time doing if the characters seem too generic or boring. That was not that case AT ALL for Unsticky! This book is about a romance between two fucked up people, who are fucked up in just the right ways to be together.

Here's a list of things that are totally awesome about this book:

- Liam punching a purse
- This quote: ". . . had some sinister ulterior motive, which probably involved schoolgirl outfits, whips, and possibly a wife with lesbian tendencies while he filmed the whole shebang."
- This quote: "‘Christ! You think I’m a tart!’ Grace spluttered indignantly. ‘I’m not some kind of rent-a-skank, thank you very much.’"
- Vaughn's dessert obsession
- The amount Grace drinks herself into oblivion
- How realistic of a character Grace seems with flaws and interesting quirks
- The shot of adrenaline, Pulp Fiction style
- How much I was pissed at Grace and Vaughn
- How much I loved Grace and Vaughn
- Alex
- That both characters agreed they couldn't drop the "I love yous" and that neither of them ever did

Grace was a great character. She was superficial, intelligent, driven, a liar, stubborn, fast learner, childish, a complete lush, sometimes a bad friend, and had a weird array of funny quirks and interests. She knit whenever she was anxious, and had very crude outbursts.

Vaughn obviously had a lot of issues that Grace stated near the end of the book, including an eating disorder and trust issues. I simply adored his character. He was exactly how I'd imagine a man of his age and upbringing to act in those situations. That doesn't mean I thought it was always right or justified, but he seemed very human to me. He was stern, short-tempered, demanding, accommodating, and refreshing. I thought the difference in his character as opposed to other rich, older man characters I read about, is that he didn't coddle Grace. He offers assurances throughout her career, and useful advise; even though sometimes she obviously had a horrible day, he didn't mention finding her hookups for new jobs at an art gallery or whatever, he seemed to respect her passion for what she did. He seemed completely uncaring with his money, but didn't have a problem spending it where he saw fit.

Another thing I really loved was how rude Grace was to Alex. She just seemed to loathe him and for some reason, this greatly amused me. Their interactions were always hilarious.

One tiny, insignificant thing that I thought was weird, was that originally Vaughn made Grace sign a non-disclosure agreement... then she signed it and told people. After she was found out at work for the whole situation, Vaughn said something about not keeping secrets because they fester (something to that extent...). So I thought it was odd she signed that agreement then went around telling people and he was okay with it.

Some people seemed to have thought this was very "50 Shades"-esk, but it wasn't in any way. It wasn't some rich big shot throwing his money around to some clumsy girl, then wanting her for some crazy sex because he has mommy issues and she agrees because she's insecure. They both state from the beginning what their "relationship" is. It's a mutually beneficial transaction between two people who obviously have an attraction to each other. Vaughn spent money on Grace, BECAUSE Grace was superficial and materialistic, and Vaughn could offer her that lifestyle. This concept is completely different from 50 Shades. Their relationship was built on a partnership that included sex, and mutual benefits, where as in 50 Shades it was primarily about sex, and the money/lifestyle was in order to maintain the type of sexual lifestyle they had agreed upon. In 50 Shades, Anna was a unaware, unknowing guest in Grey's world, and all the demands were very one-sided, but Unsticky established the mutual benefits from the beginning. - End Rant -

I was EXTREMELY happy that they never dropped the whole "I love you" bomb, because I thought it would've polluted what this book really was. Does someone need to say "I love you" to mean it? Does someone have to classify a mutually caring relationship as love? And who can even decide what love really is?

This book perfectly symbolized a relationship built around showing, not telling, which is very difficult to do in book format. It was charming, haunting, disturbing, maddening, heart-breaking, heart-warming, heated, VERY heated, and sometimes left a bad taste in my mouth, but definitely always in a good way.

I will recommend this book to anyone and everyone, who is a romance reader, especially those who love non-conventional types of romance.