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Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire, #6) - Joey W. Hill 2.5 Stars (Im the only person on the planet, I know)

I DNF about... 80% of the way through. God, I'm such a quitter, but being honest, I skimmed a long even in the last parts of this book I read.

It started off hot. Really hot. And I loved it. The whole "Christian Grey- hot rich, powerful man" scenario all over it. I'm kind of tired of it. I guess that I've read too many characters like that.. powerful, dominating men, who were abused in their pasts and it's why they're such control freaks now.
And then the timid other MC who is really powerful and strong and amazing and talented but is so meek and wimpy sometimes.. it just.. I dunno.

I was annoyed at how Thomas constantly couldn't believe Marcus loved him. It's the typical highschool girl YA romance novel scenario. "You love me, you say? Nah, you can't. You're too hot and I'm so lowly." Thomas was annoying to me. He loves his mom but let's her completely mentally abuse him. I kind of understand this scenario, but it's like he possesses no backbone whatsoever. His mom was a total bitch and I couldn't stand reading any parts where he was at home on the farm near his mom.

The whole BDSM thing. I don't know. Did it even affect the story? No. Not really. Like, there was one big, pretty f'ed up BDSM scene, and Thomas constantly calling Marcus master, but I didn't really see any other aspects on BDSM in this book.. it's like it was dropped in there outta no where. Marcus apparently treats Thomas like his "slave" but when they go to the BDSM club it's clear that Thomas knows NOTHING of the scene. Wouldn't it be your responsibility to inform your SLAVE on the type of lifestyle you're bringing him into? I dunno. I could've lived with the entire BDSM concept of this book being gone.

I was sick of reading about how hot and beautiful and rich Marcus was, and how everything with two legs wanted to fuck him. I get it. He's uber hot. I don't need to be reminded 165 times. I was sick of reading about Marcus's money and how he throws it around all willy-nilly. Expensive car? Sweet. Expensive house, expensive everything, sweet. But literally throws his money around and buys a goddamn farm next to Thomas's family farm just.. in hopes.. of seeing him... Marcus seemed almost obsessed with Thomas. And I know, I know. He "let him go" for a year and a half the first time. But he bought a god damn farm next to Thomas and didn't even tell him, just because! And just shows up.. stalking around... sounds very Christian Grey stalker-esk to me. Not appealing.

And oh my GOOOODDD! The arguments. The arguments were the worst. They were so long and drawn out and so preachy! Especially the ones between Thomas's mom and Marcus. Every time I thought Marcus was done blabbing, there would be another 3 pages of his preachy yelling! It was more of a ramble than an argument. And sooooo redundant. He bitched at her for the exact same things, over, and over, and over....

The scene with Julie.. was that her name? I don't remember... the birthday thing? Uh, gross. Really, reading that killed my appetite for days. It was weird.. and just.. creepy and weird. And then all she does is ramble about how hot Marcus is and Thomas is hot too. What a 2D character. I read like.. I swear, 2-3 chapters about Julie, her friend named Whatever, Marcus and Thomas at a dance club... and the only thing I retained from that is that Whatever had a husband who died and she cried and Thomas was nice to her. Completely unnecessary scene. Why was it in the story? I don't know.

I just don't know guys. I thought Thomas's relationship with Marcus kind of blew. I didn't get the whole BDSM thing, I didn't get the obsession Marcus had with Thomas, I didn't get the HUGE lack of communication. The whole relationship seemed unhealthy. Maybe it got better after I stopped reading? I don't know. They were sometimes violent with each other? Hitting and stuff... I don't like that in books. I don't condone even "violence of passion between lovers". It just doesn't do it for me. Thomas picking up Marcus's phone that he forgot at the farm and talking to his brother, then flying and talking to his childhood friend? Not cool. That's a breach of privacy and would completely shatter my trust in someone. Okay, I get it, Marcus wasn't willing to share. How about Thomas be like "Hey fucker, we're going to couples counseling until you're emotionally stable enough to deal with your childhood problems, then accepting enough of them to let me in and share them with me... or else we're not staying together."

I'm ranting now. Sorry.

This book was so hard to review for me, despite all these things that I complained about, the writing is absolutely fantastic. Extremely detailed, explicit, and really quite lovely in most places. I DID enjoy reading the book at first. I truly did. I just got annoyed with too many little things and then I felt like the book was long. I completely understand why other people really like this book, but it had too many things in it that bug me personally.