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Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane MY NAME is Jasper Anderson Atchison.
People call me Ace. I am a murderer and a thief, but if Sonny still wants me, I will call myself a good man.

I think some books, books like these, are too beautiful not to break your heart a little bit.
If I had to tell you my favorite part(s) of this book, I don't think I could. The writing, probably. The characters maybe. The excitement. The allure of the hero being so bad. The torment and the eventual gratification.
I don't remember the last time I read a book that was written this beautifully. My mind can barely comprehend some of the lines I've read. I wish my brain could think in lines even half as beautiful as the ones in this book.

“You drive like a tornado.”

The last lonely ray of sunshine slept as I pulled up to the line, and we went flying through the darkness as the evening folded the desert in hush.

I don't want to give too much away in this review, because if you haven't read this book, consider this me pressuring you to read it. This is a story of heartbreak and intense fun. The pacing is perfect, and I was never bored or annoyed with anyone or any scenario. The possessive nature in this book that I'd normally look down my nose at is justified and endearing.
This book allows you to experience a world of hurt and amazement through car racing and a love so intense that it hurts. Who doesn't want to read about illegal car races? It was so much fun. One of the best parts of this book was that no one ever felt sorry for themselves or wallowed in self pity, or allowed anyone else to wallow in pity for them. They accepted the cards they were dealt and handled them as best they could.

For those of you who have read this book, let me say that the ending was probably the most gratified I've felt after reading a part of a book in a long time. Who hasn't read a book and wished the hero could do what Ace did, without a fleck of questioning himself? That's amazing in every way.
The only warning he got was the clenching of my left hand in his hair before I pulled that blade hard and fast through his trachea, through his jugular. He didn’t scream, but since I didn’t saw his head partway off, it took him a minute to die, his breath gurgling through the blood that first spurted out his throat and was now pooling on the front of his shirt.

This book broke my heart a few times and I'll admit willingly that I cried. But I laughed a lot too. Sonny and Ace's story isn't one I'll soon forget.