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4.5 STARS! And everyone single one of them was earned.

With those few words, he’d repaired
the deep cracks in my heart,
filling them until it was whole
and healed. My fears of another
were alleviated, and three years
of missing him became just
bad memories.

What a beautiful book. The entire time I was on the end between 4.5 and 5 stars. It still might be... I might go revise my review.


This book had everything in it that makes me love a book. Sweet and sour main characters, tons of sexual tension, torment, heart ache, learning, growing, and redemption. What's not to love about sweet Elijah and hardass Chase? I loved their relationship and their dynamic. Chase was so hard on Elijah and so mean sometimes, but Waitt gave the definite impression that he wasn't always so cold. The pain that was described in the book really had a way of breaking your heart and making you fall even harder for Chase. I really also love time apart in stories where the characters realize they need to be together. I don't know why but it always gets me.

Overall a gorgeous book that I'd recommend to anyone and everyone.