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Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon
Starfish and Coffee is one of the most beautiful, 
heart-breaking books I've ever had the
pleasure of reading.

The entire book reminded me of The Notebook, but in the best way possible. This book was much sexier and endearing to me, but had the same kind of feel.
At first, the first few chapters with "they meet again" was exciting and I needed to know more. Then the book skipped back in time and I'm always weary of this in books, but alas, in this book it suited and was perfect for getting the complete back story.
Matt and Alex were perfect for each other in ways only true soul mates can be. Alex is a laid-back beach boy whose still in the closet. He's got a bit of fire to him that you see in points throughout the book. Matt is a gorgeous rich boy who doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks about him. Put these two together? Dynamite. And can I mention hot? Holy shit was this book hot. The way Alex dirty talks drives me up the damn wall. It's nuts. This book is the perfect mixture of sexy and sweet.