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This book was definitely not for me. I'm the 1% that didn't really like this book. It was slightly cute and endearing at the beginning, and I believe I kept reading to kind of figure shit out. When I found out, I barely cared. I'm not a heartless being, it's just that the entire situation all seemed too frou frou and lighthearted to me. Now, I'm not saying Hoover is a bad writer, because I don't think that at all. I also understand the plot of the book and I really do like it. I like the twist in the book too. That being said, a lot of the content wasn't for me.

Things about this book that annoyed me (in no order):

1.Lips lips lips lips lips. All this talk about staring at lips and kissing and tasting amazing and amazing lips and the lips of an angel god, etc etc. There was like 5 straight chapters about lips and kissing. OOOOOKKKKKK.

2. The sex/love scenes were totally boring. I'm not asking for hot, racy, xxx scenes in a young adult book, but I feel like they were soooooo long and soooo dull and just so "oh man I live you." "no way I LIVE YOU" and it was totally lame.

3. Sky. I thought she was an interesting character at the beginning, and then her "world crashed" and she went stupid. I know this is a completely understandable way to handle things. I'm not sure how I would handle things in her situation, BUT I would definitely handle things more logically. Breaking and entering is not something I would do, and I would not trash my old room. Why? Let's see. Pervert dad is a cop. Dad knows your age is 17. Dad knows it would probably only be you who would come into your old room and smash everything in it. Who else would B & E without stealing anything? It would obviously be you. Dad would assume you were at least still within a few hours drive. Dad, being a cop, would likely call around within a, oh, lets say, 1-4 hour driving range of motels/hotels out of the city, assuming you'd be there because the obvious emotional torment probably took a toll and you had to get somewhere slightly away, but probably not too far.

I know what you're thinking. I'm a heartless asshole because she probably had a panic attack and just trashed shit. Hey, listen to your logical psycho obsessive boyfriend who tells you not to go in.
First, don't go to the house yet. OK you did. Don't go inside the house. OK you did that too. OK don't trash everything only in one room. OK. Don't go back and wait to see your dads face. OK. Don't run fucking screaming and flailing out of the car towards your perverted, psycho dad who still is technically your parent and could potentially have you back in his custody and have Karen put away for life. If you're really worried he has other children and is doing this to other children, but OBVIOUS best thing to do is probably, as hard as it is, wait until your 18 and press MAD CHARGES ON THIS FUCKER.

4. Sky and her dad crying and whining and being all "you ain't a bad person. I know you used to love me." What. the. fucking. shit. No. I'm sorry but anyone who rapes a CHILD is a bad person. END OF DISCUSSION. He can love you, and your bestie and every fucking person on earth, but someone who rapes children IS a bad person. By definition. Don't forgive him because he cries. Don't comfort him. Did he ever comfort you? I'm not saying don't be compassionate, but this is goddamn ridiculous.

5. Sky's dad killing himself. Was this supposed to show how SORRY he really was? How about don't be a goddamn asshole then and call in the shot with the ol' "OFFICER DOWN". If you cared, wouldnt you just get your ass shot and then let the kids go to buy them a bit more time as a ""sorry"" for their suffering? I don't get this. Was it his last "fuck you"? Because that's what it seemed like.

6. Sky and Holder's relationship. At the beginning I kinda liked both of them. Here's why I didn't anymore. First off, their relationship progressed REALLY quickly. Hang out for a weekend? Dude, I live you. Creepy. AT 17/18, I definitely would've thought that was creepy. When Holder almost loses his shit on some gay-bashing dude in the cafeteria, Sky SLAPS HIM HARD ACROSS THE FACE. The excuse was that it's the only way to get his attention and stop him. Listen. To all young girls out there reading this, it's been said before and I'll say it again: USE YOUR WORDS. Violence is NOT the way to prevent more violence. Don't slap someone across the face so they don't punch someone IN the face. This is not the way to handle problems. Not ever. Also, after dating for what.. 2-3 months or something Holder starts talking about MARRIAGE? Their conversations escalate VERY quickly and are full of emotional smut. I couldn't believe this relationship. It seemed very unhealthy.