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A Matter of Time Book 1 - Mary Calmes This was my response out loud literally like 15 seconds ago: "END OF BOOK ONE?!? END OF BOOK ONE?! END... OF BOOK.... ONE...?!?!"
How is this even real life that a book this amazing exists? This amazing.. this dramatic.. this heartbreaking... OH MY CRAAAAAAAP.
Okay. Jory.. who wouldnt love that adorable little fairy. And Dane? Okay. Dane. Let's talk about Dane. Dane is AMAZING. He's my favorite in this story by far. He's so trustworthy and loyal and reliable.. and god please don't let him end up brother material forever. There are so many lines about him that I just adore. "He's so flawed."
You have no idea how pissed I am at Sam. Sam can rot in a cave for all I care. How could he act so loving and caring and nuts and then just turn into a raging asshole and break my poor Jory's heart?
You know what I say to you, Sam Kage?
No. No, no no.... no!