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Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Okay this book is a solid 4.75!

Fan-fucking-tastic. Holy shit this book is hot. Hot hot hot. I love the character dynamic between Ty and Zane, and the way they feed off of one anothers annoyance. It's totally sweet.

The beginning of the book when they're first assigned partners and Ty seems royally pissed, if one of my favorite (non-sex) parts of the book, just because of Ty's hilarious insults and treats, like calling Zane "candy-ass" and threatening to eat the kid on the planes toes.

The scene in the bathroom where Zane kisses Ty, I actually like I squealed like a pig when I read it.

But there aren't many parts of this book I don't like. I even love when they get in their little fight on the street.
The ONLY quam I had with it, is that these two are incredibly smart, and I knew from the second meeting the killer, who the killer was. C'mon, it was so obvious. I wish that part of the book was the smallest amount more intricate.

When they're apart in this book, my heart feels like it's being ripped to pieces. Pieces, I tell ya!

Overall, read this book immediately if you like realistic, tormented, sexy, gay, passionate, flawed, hilarious main characters.