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What can I say about Mexican Heat that hasn't already been said?
This book is extremely beautiful and kind of heart breaking.

One of the things I'll make special mention of is the writing. In specific, perhaps, the pace of the book is excellent. At first, the book was hot, then the plot became extremely interesting, characters were well developed, relationships were built, and still while maintaining the hot factor. I found the details in this book to be really interesting too. For example, I'm guilty of sometimes skimming pages that are just pages and pages of details about the type of fibers that make up the carpet, but the details of the settings were always engaging and I never skimmed a paragraph.

Gabriel and Antonio were an awesome couple. Gabe, a fidgety, scrappy, smart-mouth, and Antonio an understanding, powerful, patient man. I can't decide which of the two characters I love more, so I'll say I love them most as a couple.

This book really surprised me, and I'm sure you can guess which part. I was shocked when sweet Gabriel was blind, and even more surprised that he never regained his sight. It make the book feel more real to me, and added an interesting twist to the story. I tried really hard not to cry when Gabriel cried in the book.

I'm EXTREMELY looking forward to the next addition in this series. I read up on it and it sounds amazing.

All in all, this book is a staple for MM readers.