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How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - J.C. Lillis This book kind of flip-flopped for me from like 2 stars, to 4.5 stars, then back to like... 2.5-3 stars.. so I'm settling on... 3ish. Maybe 2.5. I don't know.

This book was kind of cute. It used some terminology that I'm not familiar with that made me feel really fucking old at the ripe old age of (almost) 25. The beginning was uber boring for me, and I felt like Brandon was a brat. Actually, I kind of thought Brandon was a brat through the entire book. A really paranoid brat. Abel was obviously awesome. I actually have no idea why he put up with Brandon.. I wouldn't have, if I were Abel. They seemed like they should've stayed friends instead of boyfriends.
The parts where they were fighting were the funniest.
I liked how the characters they meet at the conventions (the actors) weren't usually or completely what they expected or wanted. It was a good, unique "plot twist" that let the main character(s) learn lessons.
This book was cute, I'm not hating on it or anything like that... I just didn't really feel anything about it. I didn't like the main character at all and his whining, selfish behavior wasn't endearing or sad, it was annoying to me. I know he's just a kid brought up with some mixed up values, and this is basically his road-trip journey learning how to deal with those mixed-up values, but it just got on my nerves a bit after a while.

All in all, pretty cute. I really laughed at some parts too, but it didn't really do anything special for me. When I finished reading it, I was like, "Huh. Book's done." and that's that.