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The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander 3.5 BIG STARS!
Some spoilers ahead:

I enjoyed this book. I definitely did. For me, it went up and down a lot between me really liking the book, and me rolling my eyes the book, but in the end, enjoyable read.
It was cute, steamy, heartwarming, sexy, and definitely fun. I really liked the instant attractive between Gage and Trent. I also really liked Trent as a character.. he was a very strong and loving father.
I won't lie, I kinda skipped a lot during the last 20% of this book. I got kind of annoyed at things.

First off, the love thing happened WAY too fast without them really getting to know each other too much. Their relationship progressed really quickly and I'm not sure I really felt it.
Also I felt like their entire relationship was built on looks (Trent's) and money (Gage's). The entire book it was Gage basically throwing money around with a mad-person and Gage wanting to gobble Trent's balls because he's just soooooo hoooooot. I get it. He's hot. But I literally heard about each of their hotness like a million, bazillion times and eventually got really annoyed.
Their conversations were kind of dumb and always about Trent's smokin' bod. Okay.

After poor Trent has a mini cry-fest breakdown and this was literally said by Gage like... within the next page or two: "You’re spectacular to look at, Trent. I don’t know how you maintain this body, but you’re hot as hell. Even under the weight of all this stress, I’m physically turned on by you."
Like, that's awkward, right? To say that. Also the wording is kind of awkward. Physically turned on by. Kind of awkward.

There were a few typos/spelling/grammar errors I noticed. It didn't really distract me from the point at all, but mildly silly.

Overall enjoyable read but maybe a little silly some places for me.