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So, this book is a little wacko. Actually, scratch that.. a lot wacko. Wacko is in best way possible (you know how I lost my crazy characters!).
This book was so interesting and fun to read about and I have a serious lady-boner for Phoenix BECAUSE he's batshit crazy, and for some reason, that's just irresistible to me.
I'm getting ahead of myself... let's rewind...

This book is fantastic. It makes you think, it makes you wonder, and I started to literally suspect everyone. Did I suspect the person I thought the slayer was? Nooooooppeeee! I thought the slayer was definitely ol obsessive daniel hart but boy was I wrong. I even thought that the person I thought the slayer was had the perfect setup! Half way through and I was like "OH MAN IT'S TOTALLY _________ BECAUSE _________ IS ALSO OBVIOUSLY FUCKERED UP IN THE HEAD" but nope. I was wrong.

This book was so interesting to read, that I actually wouldn't have cared if there was no romance at all. I really really love psychological thrillers in general, so I thought this book would be perfect for me.. and it was, but I feel like the story took over the romance (in a good way).

I had a problem with Hart.. it just seemed so... desperate. So sad and pathetic. I know it's because Phoenix Love, my precious crazy darling, was extremely manipulative, but I totally didn't see/feel a romance between the two characters.. it seemed like an obsession. It felt like Hart was obsessed with Love, and Love was kind of using Hart.. which I actually LIKED because it felt so manipulative. I didn't really need the whole "I love you" thing... personally.

How did I miss who the slayer was? I think I might re-read this book and see if there are more clues pointing to who it actually is, because I didn't really see any clues and maybe I wanted one or two.. even minor ones? Just so I have that "Ah-HA!" moment instead of that "Huh?!" moment when I find out who the killer is.

I actually thought Somerset was awesome. I really liked him.. not as much as Phoenix, but I still thought he was a great character and I felt his anger. Echo too. What a sweetie.

Overall, fantastic book. Crazy shit goes down.