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A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane Well guys, Amy Lane has done is again. A completely original, unique, AMAZING book.

Mild spoilers ahead.

This book wasn't anything close to what I was expecting. The beginning of the book was a little sad but it was interesting to learn about what Anderson was accomplishing on his ship. I couldn't even imagine being isolated for that long. I did NOT expect the book to turn the way it did after the last 6 years on the ship... the relationship between Alpha and Anderson. Man, how disturbing is that? When it was explained that all the holograms on the ship were like reflections of Anderson himself, it made a lot of sense...

Anderson's relationship with Alpha was completely necessary in this book, as much as it made me cringe to read it sometimes. It's like a manifestation of self-loathing which really helped me to relate to Anderson. I secretly, and disturbingly enough, loved reading about the parts where C.J. was very sexually attracted to Alpha and the thought he had about Alpha. I can't help it. I hate Alpha, but.. Amy Lane sure knows how to make you hate a character and want to hang their fictional brains out too, doesn't she? Because Alpha was a part of Anderson, I allowed myself SOME lead way in enjoying Alpha and his sexual craziness. I can't help myself. I like Alpha. *hides*

When I think of the characters in this book that were Anderson's holographic pals like Bobby and Kate, I imagine them as actual characters in the book... "real", per say, which I know they aren't... so this book has a whole new layer of fucking with the readers head, just a little. Because I found myself emotionally attached to them, as I do to characters in books, but even then, even in the book, they aren't real. Anderson didn't spend 10 years in space with them, he spent 10 years in space alone, and that concept still had me a little crazy.

The romance in this book was perfect. Anderson wasn't some precious, virginal flower (like I'd expect). He had a lot of Alpha in him and was extremely seductive. The relationship that grew very slowly between C.J. and Anderson was so good... it took time, caring, learning, and a lot of compassion. I'm a totally sucker for books where the MCs separate but end up together in the end after "finding themselves". Love that shit.

If you like sci-fi, a good romance, a pretty fucked-up MC who is actually a very strong character, I highly recommend this book.