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GhosTV - Jordan Castillo Price EDIT: I re-read this book this weekend to ready my body for PsyCop 7! I devoured this book in one really hungover afternoon.

I will try to keep this review short and sweet. Oh and spoilers probably because I go on tangents.

Guys, Vic is so badass. I love that pill-popping son of a gun. He makes me laugh more often than not, and usually does things that typical MC's don't, even when I want them to. Vic is your man for unconventional MC/hero behavior. You know who else I like? Jacob. Because he's a total fangirl, just like me.
I don't particularly care for Lisa. I don't know.. she just hasn't grown on me. I liked her in the first book, but after that I kinda don't care. Everyone's all "Omg where's Lisa?" and I'm like "Leave the bitch." but I guess that wouldn't make a good book, huh? Ha!
Know who else is awesome? Dreyfuss. I love him. He's what... an anti-hero? A helpful villain? Who know! But I like him and his weirdo hippie vibe. I bet he did a lot of LSD in his youth.

This book was awesome. It was different from the others, but it was compelling and weird and I really didn't know who the 'bad guy' was until JCP let the MCs find out, which was awesome for me.

Okay, now I'm read for the next book! *rubs hands together anxiously*


Older review:

Crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash crash!
By the end of this book I was fangirling hard for Crash.. obviously..
So here's an illustration I did of Crash during my obsession!


Sorry, got distracted. I really love Crash.
I liked this story a lot. It might have been my least favorite of the series.. but still loved it. I thought it was weird that Jacob now has an ability... and some of the stuff in this book was so far out it was hard for me to wrap my mind around it.
Still, awesome book and I'm sad I don't have another one to start reading immediately...