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"I was asleep for almost ten years. 
And then this big goober with all these
fucking weird animals moved into my house,
and I was suddenly awake.”


I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this book was. God, I thought AL did amazing with Chase in Shadow but this... I couldn't pick one I like more than the other.
This review is spoiler free (unless it's in a spoiler tag) because I want you to read it.

The first chapter confused me a little because of the whole Dex/David name thing, but that got cleared up pretty quickly. This book made me want to cry, and laugh, and get off, and snack some bitches, hug everyone I know, and learn how to start making chocolate chip cookies.

The relationship between Dex and Kane was remarkable. I didn't think that Kane would make half of the decisions that he did, but he was so strong and so protective, I couldn't help but melt a little (okay a lot). Dex has been a favorite of mine since the first time I read Chase in Shadows. He seems so smart and put together (and he is) but this book really tears both Dex and Kane down in so many ways, and really sheds light on them holding each other together.

Dex is so broken for so long (9-9 1/2 years) and so beautiful and he constantly does the best he can for everyone around him, trying to live up to his name.

A few scenes that broke my heart/I loved:

- When Kane found out about Scott getting John to agree to a last scene with Scott and Dex. Omg the DRAMA! I was having such anxiety. I talked to myself being like, "OMG NO HE CANT" "Omg yes he can" "Omg am I a pervert if this is going to turn me on?"

- The scene where Dex and Kane go to a hotel in Dex's hometown and Kane tries to make Dex scream. It's so sexual and so emotional and god.. so sad.

- The scene after Kane had to sleep with two other guys and had to give his ring to Dex and broke down in the shower afterward. God I thought it would be hard to Dex, but it seemed even harder on Kane.

Those were, IMO, the best scenes.. at least the ones that really made me cry. All the sex was hot. All of it. Even the stuff I didn't want to be hot. I actually had to read some of it through my fingers because I'm embarrassed and awkward.

Have you read this series? If not, please go read it. There's a lot that will make you mad and a lot that will make you happy. This is honestly.. maybe my new favorite series (even though there are only two books for some sick, sad reason).

ETHAN IN GOLD WILL BE OUT IN OCTOBER! *runs through streets naked flailing arms* OH MAAAANNNN!!
I'm worried though. Unpleasant back story for this one? Can't wait.