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Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price EDIT: (spoilers)

I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, neato, and overall, a PsyCop book. You know what I mean.
I think I want to give this one... 3.75 stars and only because of my own personal bias. It's still a good rating and the writing, as always, is fantastic, but I found myself a tad bored at some points. The actual story was great... tied in old characters, newer characters, and a believable villain.
I can't stand Lisa. I want to punch her in her big, dumb head. Spontaneous wedding? You dumby.
Where's Crash? I need more Crash. I think that's why I was bored sometimes reading this.. I love Crash so dearly and there wasn't enough of him for my tastes.
Vic and Jacob.. they... are like an old married couple. And old married couples are great! But I'd love to add some more excitement to their relationship. They're just dry toast.


This book comes out a week after my birthday and I'm honestly more excited for this book.