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Clown'd - K.A. Merikan Who knew clown sex could be so sexy?
And who said sex always has to be serious?

Spoilers afoot!

I'm torn between rating this like 4.5 or a 5... but I guess it doesn't matter really because those scores are pretty close.
Okay so I've read one of the author's other free short stories and she gave this to me in thoughts that I'd like it and damn was she ever right... and I always review honestly.

This short story is fucking sweet. It starts kind of freaky and I'm like "Ahhh rape!" but then you learn it's not real rape.. it's a rape fantasy being lived out by the MC, Kyle, and his, may I say, fucking awesome boyfriend/dom? Perhaps? Anyway,this story is hot. Super sexy and lots of clown gang-banging. Now, don't think clowns like.. horror movie clowns (not that I'm scared of clowns anyway) but hot dudes dressed up like clowns. The clown theme stuck throughout the entire story too, from the use of a balloon (LOL) and the brightly coloured condoms.. it all fit and was pretty ingenious.

Now, if you read the story and think "What kinda boyfriend is THAT?!" you have to acknowledge that both partners in this relationship are TOTALLY getting off on this... so it's a win/win... or rather a win/win/win/win/win. It's kind of sweet when you think about Dan going through a lot of trouble and planning to keep his boyfriend sexually excited. Different people have different views on romance and this was theirs... raunchy, sexy, group clown sex.

The best parts of this book for me were:
- You can tell the MCs are in love and it seems like a healthy, caring relationship. Dan is always there is reassure Kyle, and always close to him when the other guys are around and making sure everything goes smoothly
- I love humor in all situations and when you can take two things that I like such as erotica and humor and mix them together? AWESOME. Sex doesn't always have to be taken so seriously and I thought the clown aspect was GREAT. Unique and funny. I liked this book so much BECAUSE it was silly and sexy and that doesn't happen too often.
- This is hot. Super hot. Even the funny parts were sexy.

I give my stamp of approval on weird clown sex.